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The Comments of our Customer

Dear Mrs.Fatima,
It was a perfect tour of the Vatican Museum. Your guide took time for us and we learned a lot of the Vatican History.
He told many interesting facts of the museum and the church of St.Peter.
Greetings to Mr.Marcello
Best Regards – (Robert – Austria)

The vatican museum group tour was fine, but nothing special.  The tour guide was blandly informative but not particularly interesting.  At the end of the tour, he disappeared so quickly, half the tour was not sure the tour had even finished. (Jenny – USA)

To Rome Museum 
My wife and I had a wonderful tour of the Vatican and the reservation to the Borghese Palace. The Vatican tour was well organized and the guide was very knowledgeable. The visit to St. Peters was a plus that we didn't expect.  Obviously due to time, the Egyptian displays were not seen. The map for the meeting location could be a bit more detailed. Overall I would highly recommend your service to my friends. (Peter – Canada)

I am glad you asked . We were on the tour on Tuesday Nov 6 and we had a wonderful time with an enthusiastic , knowledgeable tour guide. She answered all of our questions and managed to keep track of the group which moved at different paces. I loved the head sets, loved not standing in line and really feel it is a superb way to get a sense of the museum.  I have been several times but this way my husband's first time and he really felt he had a nice overview and a sense of the areas he will visit again in more detail. I am quite horrible at names but our tour guide was really special and we felt that she had a real zest for the subject matter that was contagious . Thank you for asking. (Suzy – Usa)

Hi: The guide was excellent. The audio system was unique and clear. The method of meeting, and entrance was one of the best.
 St Peters was closed for tours till 1 pm  onthe day we went on a tour becase of a special service for the cardinals. Eventhough we paid for the St Peters tour no alternative was offered. The tour of the Sisten Chappel ended about 12 noon. The guide could have asked us to meet  her again for the St Peters tour close to 1 pm without dismissing us or offered a refund. I was very unhappy as we did not receive full service for what we paid. With kind regards. (Dr. Nihal – Usa)-

Dear Fatima,
Our tour guide was wonderfully knowledgeable and personable.  She 
answered as many individual questions as time would allow, which of course is probably the most difficult issue to resolve - time.
If I could offer two areas of possible improvement, however, not for the quality of the tour, but in the pre-tour information provided, which could alleviate regrets on the part of your clients…
(Samantha – France)

We very much enjoyed our tour of the Vatican Museum. Our guide was very well informed and everything went very smoothly. We would recommend your service to others.
Thank you. – (Lachlan – USA)

Hi Fatima,
thank you for your request. we were impressed with the tour and we want to say that it was a great experience. one thing i would like to say is that because it was so crowded it would have been easier if we were better explained the meeting point after the break we had at about 11am. other than that, i have to say the guide was wonderful, she really knows her stuff, and her english was great. thank you! all the best in the future!
Kind regards, (C. Family – Ireland)

Hello, I and my niece were very satisfied of the guiding in the Vatican Museums. The guide, Mr. X, knew what he was talking about and it was easy to understand him. When English is not the mother language for neither of us, it is easier to understand compared with a guide with English as the mother tongue. The meeting point was easy to find. But you could use bigger signs. Thank you. Sincerley Yours, (Mrs. Paula N., Helsinki Finland)

I really enjoyed the tour with the guide, it was really interesting. I just regret that he was not aware that there was a ceremony in the basilica this very day.
nonetheless, the next time i 'll come to italy i will check with you. sincerely yours – (Stephane L. – France)

Hi - it was a real let down. The guide was un-inspired, monotonous, missed out items of interest, was boring, flat and didnt run through basics like where toilets were, how long it would take, when we could get water etc.
 We have been on many guided tours and the personality of the guide is vital. Unfortunately ours was dull and the whole thing was painful and as it was so expensive we feel very cheated.
 Kind regards – (Lucinda – UK)

Our guide was very knowledgeable about art history but a bit too dry and
in-depth. We would have liked to have not only historic background, but as
our Coliseum tour guide said, "try to
create the feeling..." He was entertaining and injected humor into the tour
as well, and made us feel as though we were really part of the experience. (Bellezzo – USA)

Dear Sirs,
we have been very impressed by our visit of the Vatican Museums and
we are anticipating already now our next visit. (Jurg K. – Germany)

Hello Fatima,
 I am responding to your request for feed back on our resent use of your service for a Vatican museum tour.  Your representative was wonderful.  She explained everything at the museum, without going into too much detail.  The only thing confusing was outside the museum, when we were getting on-line.  The museum had us going down the street several blocks, and then coming back to the museum.   This made it difficult for my 78 year old mother in law, but she managed.  I know there is nothing you can do about this, but I thought I’d mention it.  You helped to make her trip of a lifetime very enjoyable and I thank you.  I definitely would use your service again and I am recommending it to any of my friends going to Rome. (Robert D. G.)

Fabulous tour guide.  Marcello I believe was his name.  We did entire tour
option + Vatican . Lots of standing was my only concern.  Would highly
recommend your company. (Shelley J. USA)

The meeting point was filled with people when we arrived and so I recommend the tour guides have some type of sign that you can see from far away so others will know which one is the right one.  The clipboard was not able to be seen.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and helpful.  The tour was as advertised and I would recommend to others without hesitation.  (Monica K. – USA)

Very tiring but unmissable - should not do Rome without the tour.  I dont drink alcahol,  but a beer was needed to recussitate.
Went back and heard the Pope's blessing on Sunday and really worth the visit. (Susan J. – UK)

The guide that we had was wonderful. Her was very informative and attentive to all of our questions. I would recommend your company to others. (Howard P. – USA)

Dear Fatima,our main reason to take the tour was beating the lines. We were also very
pleased about the tour intself.
The guide (i forgot her name)gave a very good tour. Friendly, patience and
knowledge. We were very pleased. - (Ron V.H – Netherlands)

It was excellent – of course.  We had some problem finding the guide at the meeting point, but in retrospect, all of the information was there. The guide was brilliant, the Vatican was simply too full of too many people, but I have no suggestions as to what you can do about that!
There did seem to be a ot of steps getting in to the building, maybe some shortening of all of the steps might be possible.

We had a wonderful tour guide. Our timing getting to meeting place was
delayed due to extreme traffic and slow cab arrival. We were thankful our
guide waited until 9:00 am for us to arrive. Her English was okay, sometimes
hard to understand but okay non-the-less. In comparison to the guide we had
for the Uffizi Gallery~she was absolutely terrible…I will write to
that museum tour company we booked through and let them know…Thank
you. (Fran R. & Linda L. – USA)

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